E-mobility solutions for your employees

Charge and bill corporate e-cars at home

Full service for charging corporate e-cars at home

Installation, charging and billing solutions

Ideally, your employees can not only charge their corporate e-car at the company location or on the go, but also at home at their own charging station after work.

LAN1 supports you here as a full-service partner with the entire planning, installation and management of the charging station and handles the billing of charging processes between employees and the company.

Employees receive a charging card specifically for charging the corporate e-car at home or can use the LAN1 Charge App. With roaming at currently over 160,000 locations, your employees can also charge their corporate e-car on the go. 

Challenges around employee charging

Charging station

Easy set-up of charging stations at employees

Regardless of whether the employee already has a charging station or whether it is to be installed using public subsidy programmes, LAN1 takes care of it for you. This also includes annual maintenance of the e-charger on request.

We do a prior check to ensure all the requirements are met at the employee’s residence. 

When a new charging station is installed, the costs can be borne either by the company or the employee (e.g. subsidised). LAN1 creates a framework offer for all employees in which services can be individually compiled and called up.


Billing of charging power made easy

By identifying the company car charging process using the app and RFID card, business-related and private charging processes, such as for a second car, can be clearly distinguished from each other.  The reimbursement value is determined by the company.

The charging power for all employees is recorded and billed by LAN1 to the exact kilowatt hour. The company receives accounts from LAN1 that are recognised by the tax office.

Benefit: LAN1 takes over the complete billing process. So employees receive individual reimbursements, but the company only receives one bill.


Business and employee support

Our telephone support is available 365 days a year and supports companies and employees alike. If something is wrong with the charging station, our technicians will be on site quickly.

Get on board with LAN1 now

Nationwide, you can have a non-binding pre-check carried out by LAN1 at a low fixed price and receive an optimally tailored offer. Of course we also deduct this fee when you place an order.