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If you have problems with your Internet access or charging your e-vehicle, our expert contacts from technical support are available Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Connect to network
    Connect to the wireless network “LAN1”.
  2. Open start page
    Open the start page via the QR code or manually in the browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge) with “” (without www).
  3. Login to the Internet
    With voucher: Enter the access data (user name and password) of your Internet voucher and click on “Login”.
    Without voucher: Press/click on “Confirm” to accept the terms of use.
  1. You are online now

To deregister a device from your voucher, you can log out. To do this, simply go to “” in the browser of your choice and press/click on “Logout”.

Your access data is being used on too many devices at the same time. Read more here as well: How do I deregister a device from the voucher?

Please check if you have an active WiFi connection. Read more here as well: How do I connect my device to the Internet ?

You first have to connect your device to the network in order for it and your apps to have access to the Internet. Read more here as well: How do I connect my device to the Internet ?

Yes, as long as your device is able to visit websites, you can use any LAN1 hotspot. If your device does not have a browser, please contact Support.

With a registered LAN1 card: Hold your card to the charging station sensor.

With the LAN1 Charge App: Select the charging station and go to “Start for a fee”

Without card (direct payment): Scan the QR code at the charging station and follow the instructions that appear.

To verify that the payment method is valid. After the charging process is complete, the difference between the security deposit and the costs actually incurred will be credited back to you.

With a registered LAN1 card: Hold your LAN1 card in front of the charging station’s sensor again or end the charging process via your vehicle’s interface.

With the LAN1 Charge App: Press/click on “Stop charging” or stop charging via your vehicle’s interface.

Without card (direct payment): End the charging process in the web interface or via your vehicle’s interface.

  1. Connect to the LAN1 network. Read more here as well: How do I connect my device to the Internet?

  2. Follow the instructions to “Pair your device” on the TV in your hotel room.

  3. After the connection is established, you will see a landscape or a skyline on the TV. You can now cast content from your device to the Hotel TV using the Casting icon.

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