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TV management

Third generation television

TV reception

Failure-resistant and system-compatible


Stream with your own device

Delivery & assembly

Consulting, coordination and commissioning

Smart technology for best entertainment

LAN1’s smart TV management allows you to reach your guests in an up-to-date way with a refreshing look via digital screens. Hotel TVs can be controlled with interfaces to common PMS systems for a personalised and impressive guest journey.


Individual content for a strong guest experience


Weather, departure times and
useful information for your guests


Streaming and channel variety for
maximum entertainment experiences

TV management

Raise the TV experience to a new level with LAN1

Make guests feel at home as they enjoy content from the main streaming platforms on their TV.

LAN1’s technology ensures guests can only connect to their own TV and not inadvertently transmit to neighbouring rooms.

Benefits at a glance


  • Personalised welcome
  • Programmes can be controlled by country
  • Hotel ABC with connection to hotel database
  • Booking of additional services such as spa treatments, bike rental, etc.
  • Additional feed from foreign channels
  • Integration of dynamic information such as weather and departure times
  • Wake-up call


  • Central control of volume etc.
  • Updates are done centrally. Technicians do not have to go through the entire building to make channel modifications.
  • Usage statistics
  • Monitoring of whether devices are connected to the network

More features

  • WIFI streaming of TV programmes so guests can use their own devices, e.g. in the spa or on the terrace
  • Broadcasting of in-house events etc.
  • Integration of media libraries
  • Integration of information and tutorials, e.g. how does the hotel check-out work

TV reception

Maximum viewing comfort in all rooms, failure-resistant and system-compatible

We can install a hotel own SAT head-end station for international channel reception and put together your favourites based on your wishes. This makes you independent of cable providers and ensures high-resolution HDTV reception in guest rooms. We use existing antenna networks for signal distribution in the building, which can be individually expanded for future needs. With the head-end station we offer a highly developed, wide range of services with a low susceptibility to failure and blackouts.


BYOD - secure streaming option for guests

With our Chromecast solution, guests can securely and easily cast their own content from the most important streaming platforms to their TV and feel completely at home. Guests can simply connect to the TV in the room via a QR code regardless of the operating system of their device. Like this, content is not accidentally cast to neighbouring rooms. Regular cache clearing ensures guests cannot access previous casting history.

Delivery, installation & more

Complete your offer for guests and staff with our products and services.

Consulting, coordination and commissioning

We plan, deliver and install TV systems tailored to your needs and the special requirements of your building. Devices are selected independently of the manufacturer and installation is professional, clean and quick. In a final check, all the devices are checked for commissioning and then handed over to the hotel’s TV system.

Support 365 days a year

Our own trained and multilingual experts in Germany are available to you and your guests 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the LAN1 hotline with personal advice and quick and easy assistance.

LAN1 even has a way to handle rare system failures: Faults are generally automatically detected and remedied via remote maintenance, so ideally you won’t even notice that something is wrong. Should an on-site visit be necessary, our LAN1 technician will be there quickly.

Audio solutions that inspire

Discreet background music or danceable party sound: High-quality audio makes the moment for guests. Guests can choose their music with this solution. Each room has a sound system that guests can connect to using a QR code. We configure and install the invisible speakers and equip the room with a QR code sticker. Dirt and vandalism don’t stand a chance!

Add-ons to remember

Easy to use: The photo booth promises lots of fun for guests and visitors. The photo booth is located securely in the lobby or at the bar and is compact and very stable despite its low weight.

Unfortunately, the photo box is currently not available. If you are interested, we will be happy to inform you when it is available again. Contact us!

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