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From connection, hardware and legal certainty to billing and hotline support, LAN1 Hotspots is at your disposal as an experienced partner for everything to do with your public WiFi. We have comprehensive solutions ready for every size and industry, adapted specifically to your needs.


Installation, hardware and broadband management

As an expert in data technology, LAN1 handles
complete implementation of the infrastructure. Our tailor-made connection solutions also make optimal
use of existing structures. 

As a manufacturer-independent provider, LAN1 offers everything from a simple hotspots for a few users to comprehensive and reliable infrastructure for large numbers of users. We tailor our hardware to your needs and requirements.

With effective bandwidth management, we also ensure that the available data capacity is shared fairly among all users and that the minimum speed is not undershot. 


Clever hotspot management

Order vouchers, check bills, configure settings – My LAN1 provides you a comprehensive platform for administration of all the hotspots in your WiFi. The client-capable administration tool has numerous features and scores points with its simple, user-friendly user interface. You can, for example, set a minor protection filter for individual hotspots or customise the start page.

Business models

Cost models that pay off

LAN1 gives you choice, so you can offer your guests Internet access as a free service or as a paid extra. Depending on your individual needs, you can simply pay a favourable support fee for the operation of the hotspot or settle access with us through the sale of vouchers. We offer various types of billing and cost models so you can adapt your guest WiFi optimally.

Support, services & add-ons

Complete your offer for guests and staff with the products and services from LAN1.

Support 365 days a year

Our own trained and multilingual experts in Germany are available to you and your guests 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the LAN1 hotline with personal advice and quick and easy assistance.

LAN1 even has a way to handle rare system failures: Faults are generally automatically detected and remedied via remote maintenance, so ideally you won’t even notice that something is wrong. Should an on-site visit be necessary, our LAN1 technician will be there quickly.

So children and young people are always protected

Reliable protection of minors using hotspots is a top priority at assisted living complexes, schools, youth hostels, libraries and surf terminals in shopping malls.

To ensure these users can surf the Internet safely, LAN1 offers an effective, constantly updated minor protection filter if needed. In addition to the approximately 2,000 sites listed by the BPJM (Federal Testing Agency for Media Harmful to Young People), we block a further 20,000 sites that we classify as dangerous, for example because of racist, violent or pornographic content. The protection filter can optionally be used wherever your devices are accessible, for example for demonstrations.

Surfing times and websites can also be regulated individually via the My LAN1 hotspot manager tool.

Secure Internet terminal in public spaces

Whether in a hotel, hospital, library or the reception at your company – despite smartphones and tablets, providing a public terminal for surfing remains an important service that is always well received by guests.

With a LAN1 terminal, your guests can access the Internet securely, easily and without “monitoring”. You can rest assured that all profile data will be deleted automatically from the browser at the end of the session. This means guests’ online account, Facebook account etc. are perfectly protected against unauthorised access by the next visitor.

At a glance

From the provider to your guest’s end device - use
our complete solutions.


Easy management of
hotspots with smart tools

WiFi planning

Customised WiFi solutions
based on construction plans


Our hotline is available to answer
your guests’ questions

WiFi connection

Regardless of the provider, we use existing structures or bring our own suitable connections

Remote & on site

We are here for you
if there are any issues

API interfaces

Our systems easily connect to your database through open interfaces

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