E-mobility solutions for company fleets

Automated energy distribution through intelligent load management.

Charged batteries when you need them.

Keep track of your e-fleet: With our modular installation system, fleet management and smart charging management, we support you in the operation and management of your e-fleet and ensure cost-optimised and efficient e-charging.

Load management

Smart charging considering all factors

Smart charging management software makes automatic charging planning possible while also saving costs. Building, energy and vehicle data are analysed and ensure that the charging process is optimally tailored to the vehicle and the current electricity tariff. LAN1 anonymously collects and evaluates all relevant data from the e-vehicles.

Depending on how the vehicle is used, the charging processes are dynamically adapted to the available power so the e-car is always fully charged when it is needed. LAN1’s smart software also takes sub-distributions, photovoltaic systems and energy storage into account and protects the electric car’s battery through optimised charging.

All data in one system:

Vehicle data

The software takes into account the charging status of the e-car and the health data of the battery.

Weather forecast

Weather forecasts combined with a photovoltaic system enable solar and price-controlled charging.

Vehicle usage

The e-car is charged when it is needed based on statistics, historical data and current vehicle planning.

Installation and maintenance

Charging infrastructure from the experts

Whether you want to integrate existing charging stations or install new ones: We support your e-charging infrastructure with our specialists.

Special requirements apply for charging at company locations. Our charging management is integrated into the corporate energy network and controls peaks in the overall power consumption.

Corporate car parks

Tariff design for different user groups

Combine our solutions for fleets with the offer for commercial parking. Visitors and guests can also use the charging infrastructure based on your tariff structure. 

Get on board with LAN1 now

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